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Hot Asphalt is No Good for Dogs’ Paws.

author Lucy Byrne | Health and diet

The summer is slowly coming and before we realize it, the sun will warm the asphalt so much that we wouldn’t be able to stand on it for even a short while. However, we mainly walk in shoes, so we don’t really think about it. And we don’t realize that our dogs have no shoes. And it doesn’t have to be asphalt only. Pavements might also get really hot. The temperature of these artificial surfaces can reach to 50 and sometimes even 70 degrees.

Imagine what such a surface would do to your feet. And it’s not different for dogs. Their paws are at risk of burning and subsequent blisters. Remember that in summer. Simply test the temperature – you don’t have to put your shoes off, you can only put your hand on the surface. If you can keep it there, it is safe for your four-legged companion.

The simplest solution is to reduce the risk by going for a walk at the time when the sun is not at its full force. It means in the morning and later in the evening. It is not recommended to go out with a dog some time around the noon. After all, it also applies to people. Even though you go out at less risky time, avoid direct sunlight, go in the shadows and choose the path where the grass is, in a perfect case.

There are several options for protecting dogs’ paws. One of them is getting dogs’ shoes. It protects them from frozen surfaces and salt in winter and from hot asphalt in summer. Some shoes are waterproof, so dogs shouldn’t have them for long when it’s hot. Dogs have most of their sweat glands on the bottom side of their paws. There are also protective and regeneration products. They can come in the form of spray, emulsion or cream and create a thick protective layer on paws.

Other products help with regeneration and healing if burning and displease occurs. However, if burning is more severe, the skin peels away from your dog’s paws or blisters occur, don’t wait and go to a vet.

Another situation which might happen is also the case when a dog gets dirty from the melted asphalt. In such case, it is necessary to react fast. You might be surprised to find out that basic butter is enough to remove it. It only takes to put the melted butter on the spot and then wipe it away. The butter will release asphalt from skin and fur and you can see it when it changes colour. It is recommended to wash the dog in dog shampoo then.

I hope you’ll enjoy summer fully and you won’t have to deal with burned paws.