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What are functional treats?

author Lucy Byrne | Health and diet

Functional treats are a new thing, and I'm quite excited about them. Their main advantage is that they are also suitable for dogs with special dietary needs, whether they have a food intolerance, they are senior dogs or they have a chronic illness.

They don't contain any grains or potatoes; on the contrary, they contain functional ingredients such as lactobacilli, fluvic acids (they help absorb nutrients so that nothing is wasted), sugar melon extract (a rich source of antioxidants) and various herbs and minerals. Dogs with a special clinical diet need not be deprived of treats anymore.

So it's not just a treat, it has added value in the form of a health benefit. What more could one wish for his dog than to reward him with a tasty, meaty and healthy delicacy. I think it's a genius idea. And there are so many kinds that you can alternate between them according to your current needs. We are using treats containing herbs with an antiparasitic effect. 

Mineral functional snack, for example, is very suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches and puppies, which have higher mineral requirements. Treats from the Immunity line are enriched with vitamin C and lactobacilli, Mobility treats are enriched with glucosamine and other joint and cartilage support substances, and Recovery treats contain amino acids and vitamins to aid rapid recovery after sport.

You'll also find treats for healthy teeth, healthy skin and coat, for body harmonization, maintaining optimal body weight for dogs prone to obesity, or for active athletes. 

You can rotate the treats according to the current situation, or combine them. In certain cases, they can also fully replace a food supplement. The quality of their ingredients and the amount of nutrients matches super premium food. 

Have you tried a functional treat yet? Did your dogs like them?