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Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: Exotic Shorthair

author Lucy Byrne | Interesting information

The breed of Exotic Shorthair emerged in the United States when a keeper crossed his Persian cats with American Shorthairs. Therefore, a Persian cat ended up with Persian-like kittens which were short-haired as their father. They became very popular with cat fanciers and therefore, it was decided to set up a breeding programme in order to achieve the stabilization of the breed.

In the programme, there were also Burmese cats besides the two above-mentioned breeds. Nowadays, only Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats are crossed as they meet the same breed standard except the hair length. This is the reason why there are usually kittens of both breeds in litters. 

The nature of Exotic Shorthair is calm and social, they are well-balanced animals. Therefore, they don’t only get on well with other cats but also with dogs or children. They can also handle when they are occasionally left alone. They can adapt to the household regime well and they don’t have a problem to feel good even in more hectic families. When they fancy some silence, they hide somewhere. Even though they like people around and benefits connected to it like caressing and cuddling, they don’t strongly demonstrate their presence.

As mentioned above, you won’t have to take care of the fur of the Exotic Shorthair so much as of the Persian’s fur. Minimum care is enough to keep it in a good condition. But you need to be careful when combing the cat in order not to damage the fur structure. A fine comb with pig bristles is great for it. Using it results in soft and fluffy fur. Eyes will also need little care. It’s because tear ducts tend to clog and therefore it is a good idea to keep the ocular region clean. There is a special emulsion for that and the care is not difficult. 

The interest in Persian breeds remained stagnate for some time but it has increased again on the Czech market when a Persian appeared in a TV spot advertising a bank. A massive head with a flat nose is typical for them. This type of nose might be the cause of their respiratory problems. 

Do you like flat-nosed cats or you’re not so fond of them? They are not my favourite but their nature is really nice and their presence is not disruptive and it’s pleasant.