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Walking a Dog for Human’s Well-being

author Lucy Byrne | Výchova a péče

In England, dog owners were asked about how they see walking and if time spent outside with a dog has any other benefits for them. The results have shown that 8 out of 10 people sometimes take their dog out just because they want to enjoy some peace and relax. 73 % of the surveyed even considers outdoor activities with their dog as an important tool for reducing stress. 

The overwhelming most of the questioned agree that walking provides them with valuable time for thinking. Almost half of the owners see this “time for themselves” as the best aspect of walking the dog. Every fifth person have even come to an important life decision on a walk – it concerned moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship or starting a family. 

Walking a dog is one of our most important duty with regard to taking care of a furry friend and even though this activity is mainly done for dogs, it becomes clear that it also brings many benefits to us, humans, as well. And it doesn’t only concern our physical condition. 

Forgetting about everyday worries and spending time with a man’s best friend can clear our heads. Thanks to it, we enjoy some time for ourselves which is badly needed. Many of us use walks to think through an important decision well or to relax. A bonus is that long walks together even strengthen our relationship with our dog companion. 

During the survey, the participants were also asked to take their dog for 8 half-hour-long walks within a week and then to share their impressions. Two thirds of them said their mood and mental health improved. And almost all of them stated that they liked going on walks. More than one third of the participants were disappointed when they couldn’t find time for a planned walk.

It is clear that each person has different reasons for walks. It might be about spending some time with one’s family or to spend time with ourselves. Some people enjoy the peace during the walk, some walk the dog to get in a better shape. So it becomes clear that only a few people see walking the dog as a pure duty. It is sure that walking together has positive effects on us.

What about you, do you enjoy walking your dog and take it for long walks as much as you can? Or do you only go outside with your dog so it can pee and go back home?