3 reasons why your furry friend should eat monoprotein food

Let us get this straight, what is monoprotein food? It is wet food (i.e. cans and pouches) which contains only one type of meat, muscles and bowels. And why is it better than common wet food?

Let us get this straight, what is monoprotein food? It is wet food (i.e. cans and pouches) which contains only one type of meat, muscles and bowels. And why is it better than common wet food?

Reason no. 1: Monoprotein food decreases the risk of food allergies and intolerances

If it is served with a hypoallergenic side dish (rice or sweet potatoes), the risk of allergy or intolerance is significantly lower. If your four-legged friend doesn’t suffer from and dietary restrictions, monoprotein food serves also as prevention. It is also suitable for allergic dogs and dogs with intolerances.

Reason no. 2: Even dogs with sweet tooth like it

If you are not that lucky (or unlucky) as me that your dog is not picky (unlike mine, my dog eats anything available), it is sometimes tough to find the food the dog does not only like but is also healthy and rich in all necessary nutrients. However, even picky dogs or dogs with lower appetite usually do not sneer at meat cans with a high content of muscles and bowels. It is enough to find the type of meat your dog likes the most. By this, you will ensure sufficient intake of healthy and balanced nutrients for dogs eating dry food or if you pick a can with a side dish (hypoallergenic of course, as it was previously mentioned), you can skip dry food completely as the cans are a complete and balanced dog food.

You don’t have to be afraid of feeding your dog completely with wet food even for puppies. When choosing proper and quality dog food, a four-legged little love will get everything it needs for proper development and growth. Are you sceptical if the dog can get all necessary proteins from one meat type? It can. Various animal tissues, even if it’s from one animal, contain various types of proteins. However, a can (a pouch) has to have a high content of quality meat which has to be well processed. It is also good when salmon oil which is rich in omega-3 fat acids is included. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be soya and GMOs.

Reason no. 3: Even sensitive stomachs are okay with it

Some dogs are born with sensitive digestion, some of them get it during their lives. Monoprotein diet is also good for them. Thanks to the content mainly based on muscles and bowels, it is food which is natural to dogs and which does not mean any unnecessary burden for their organism.

Have you tried monoprotein diet? How did your dog/s react? We can’t really say if our dog liked the taste. He would probably eat old bread or anything that happens to be in front of him with the same excitement as the monoprotein can. Even though it’s true that he is a bit more restless when this can is being served to his bowl and stares at me at least half an hour before that. I can clearly say from his look that if he had watches, he would clap on them meaningfully. And how do your sensitive or allergic dogs like monoprotein food?


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