Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad – Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons cannot deny their resemblance to Ewoks from Star Wars. And legitimately! This imaginary race was created having these dogs in mind. The director, George Lucas, had a Brussels griffon at home.  

Brussels griffon is one of the last griffons I have to introduce you to. As already mentioned, all three griffons – Brussels, Brabant and Belgian – are various variants of one breed. They mainly differ in length and fur structure and colour. It’s not a rare thing when puppies of all three breeds are born at once.

Griffons belong to social small dog breeds. They are friendly and self-confident dogs who are very fond of their family and changing masters is very stressful for them. As well as other griffons, also Brussels griffon loves being in the thick of the action. Therefore, it will be doing great in busy families with small children. However, it won’t suffer even with a lonely person if he/she is sufficiently active. He/she will definitely appreciate griffon’s funny nature.

However, if you spend a lot of time outside or a you are a loner who needs his/her own cool alone, a griffon is not a suitable dog for you. You see, these dogs will spend every minute possible with you and will be able to watch you all day.

It's not difficult to train a Brussels griffon with consistence and a subtle approach. His master's delight from a command it learns is sufficient motivation for it. Thanks to its docile and inquisitive nature, it has no problems with learning. However, it is also very lively, so you need to keep its attention. You need to provide it sufficient stimuli because of its bursting energy. It gets easily bored which is then reflected on the state of your furniture and flat equipment. Small kids are great for using its energy and it means you’re killing two birds with one stone. Besides other things, griffons love spending time watching the rush on the streets.

When playing, you need to pay attention to the fact that even though they look robust, they are small and fragile doggies. Brussels griffons have medium-length of hair, it’s rough and a bit wavy. It can have colours from red to chestnut brown with black or red tones. Red whiskers are necessary on their flat faces.

So, if you are active and you would like to have a little Ewok at home and don’t mind being observed by it all the time, a Brussels griffon is a perfect companion for you.


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