Sled Dogs I: Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is an amazing dog breed. It is a very active dog. Agile, strong and distinctive. That’s why many mushers use them to pull their sledges. It is said that all dogs who like pulling are suitable for a dog sled, but a Siberian Husky really loves sledges. What else is important about Siberian husky?

If you like it as much as I do, you will be definitely interested in what these beautifully coloured dogs are like. According to some foreign statistics, Siberian Husky is one of the top twenty most popular dog breeds across the world. TV show the Game of Thrones undoubtedly contributed to their popularity as it chose a Siberian Husky as its mascot.

However, the owners of this cute furry dog say that Siberian Husky is a bit eccentric and it is definitely not for everyone.

It is a dog that loves being active. It’s not only for this reason that Siberian Husky as well as other pure breeds with a pedigree confirmed by FCI (World Canine Organization) such as the Alaskan Malamute, the Greenland Dog and the Samoyed are very often used for pulling in all its forms – from sledges to push scooters.

All these dogs, and especially the Siberian Husky, excel with their unbelievable and limitless energy they need to use for something. Tens of kilometres a day are no problem for them. They won’t get easily tired. And our Czech competitor in sled dog races, Monika Mundilová, even says they are “unbreakable”.

Therefore, they are definitely the type of dogs who wouldn’t enjoy lying on a sofa all day. Their great advantage and one of the reasons people get them is the fact these furry friends force you to be more active. If you long for a life change, you like being outside and love nature, husky might be the right opportunity.

But careful, please! Besides the fact that Siberian Husky is a hyperactive dog (I call it a turbo-dog) and it is also very smart and sporty as well. This combination causes that if they are not exhausted enough by you, it will find other ways to enjoy itself. Husky is a well-known runner. It loves exploring the neighbourhood. And a fence is no barrier to it.

The Siberian Husky can be quite stubborn. It needs regular training and order which makes it happy. To raise it well, you don’t need to be an expert cynologist; however, you need time for this dog. A lot of time and I haven’t even mentioned taking care of its beautiful coat yet... They are also the most loyal dogs you can imagine. They are devoted to their master to a fault. This is also a reason why it’s not a typical family dog. It likes living in a pack the most.

That was a brief introduction to this sled dog breed. Do you also like it as much as I do?


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