How Can a Dog Owner Contribute to Nature Protection?

Do you know how to properly behave with your furry friends in national parks and protected nature areas? Are you sick of all the trash in city parks? And are you considering what you should do to be a more eco-friendly dog owner? You can also contribute to nature protection, in the mountains as well as in the city. How to do it?

We can hear and see in news how the planet is polluted and we should reduce the production of emissions. This environmental debate seems to be so far away from the everyday life of a dog owner. However, the environmental protection does not only concern the regulation of carbon dioxide in the air, it is mainly about sustainable and gentle approach towards nature. It can be applied to everyday lives of dog owners and other pet owners as well. You’re saying you don’t know how? Get inspiration with a couple of tips.

Prefer recycled and natural materials

Taking care of our furry friend having in mind the protection of our planet means more than buying recycled toys. However, it is a good start. And do not end it here with recycled and natural material toys. Read the labels, mainly when buying tick or flea repellents. By picking a natural alternative without unnecessary chemical additives, you don’t only protect the nature but also your dog love in this case. Choose a similar approach for buying other necessary things, e.g. dog pads of puppies or any type of litter for cats, rodents, etc.

Buy organic dog food and dog food produced in an environmentally acceptable way

If there’s only a slight chance for doing so, prefer dog food not only in recycled packaging. Mainly pay attention to its contents. Buy dog food without preservatives. There are many versions of natural and organic dog food on the market. You can decide for meat monoprotein cans which are made of only one type of meat. It is a certain alternative to barfing, i.e. raw meat feeding. When changing the food, always consult your vet first or contact a nutrition specialist.

Support companies with environmental-friendly thinking

It doesn’t have to be directly about the product for your pet, it can be also related to the ways products are delivered to you. For example, there are companies that prefer alternative propulsion, whether it is CNG or electric drives. There are companies who implement energy saving measures in their production, e.g. LED lights in their plants, etc. It also concerns treatment of residuals, for example in dog food. In practice, it is related to whether e.g. by-products come into existence and how or if resources are unnecessarily wasted in production.

Do not waste resources, rather let shelters use them

You shouldn’t waste resources at home as well. Do not buy anything you don’t really need. Try to effectively use what you already have for your pet. If you can’t resist and want to get a new great coat for your dog, you can take the old one (if it is still usable) to some animal shelter and gift it. It also concerns other equipment for dogs as well as dry dog food. Do not waste dog food. Give your dog only sufficient portions and do not throw away the food.

Be thoughtful and take care of the environment around you

You might be asking how come that this is related. You love your dogs. The way you take care about them, how you feed them, how you clean after them has a crucial impact on the environment and nature you share with them. Protect nature not only for us but also for your pets who need it for their lives as much as we, people, do. Take an interest in what rules apply to dog owners. Stick to them and help protecting the city landscape as well as wild nature.


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