Spring Purification for You and Your Dog: How to Start Metabolism after Winter?

Toxins are accumulated in body during winter and spring is therefore the best season for detoxification. Everything awakens and people purify their bodies so why shouldn’t we involve our closest companions to it?

Although detoxification is the most effective in spring because there are the most toxins accumulated in our body during winter, you can start with it anytime. With regard to you as well as your dog. And why is the purification of the dog’s organism beneficial?

A dog’s immune system is harmed by unnatural diet, chemical substances, artificial vitamins and preservatives included in it every day. Also, a dog gets into contact with toxins in its environment as well. May it be dust, smog or contaminated water, there are many sources. Poor quality food harms the natural microflora in bowels and it helps the multiplication of unhealthy intestinal microorganisms that impose burden on metabolism. As it is said, bowels are the home of our immune system. Therefore, if you want a happy, healthy and thriving dog, keep its bowels healthy. Detoxification therefore functions as the prevention of diseases and also helps in dealing with chronic diseases.

The fundamental rule is clear. Quality and well-balanced food is without unnecessary added components the dog can’t use for its benefit and that burden its digestion or even harm it. It mainly concerns wheat but also corn or soya. There shouldn’t be any chemical substances, colourants or artificial appetizers in the content. The more natural and less processed ingredients in food are, the better.

Some types of food, mainly holistic food, should keep the dog healthy from a complex point of view (you can read more about this type of food here), contain even crops and other ingredients which support the dog’s immune system and purify its organism. With this type of feeding, detoxifications take place throughout the whole year.

However, we might still support it. You can buy various products for your dog’s detoxification, try homeopathics or add herbs and natural vitamins in the form of products that purify bowels and mainly the detoxification organs of a body – livers and kidneys. They work great with nasturtium, milk thistle, parsley, nettle or dandelion, from products also hips or beet. All of them can be used in the form of oils, tinctures or dried. Some holistic food such as Brit Fresh I mentioned last time contain these herbs.

How do you purify your dog companion? Do you pick the food carefully throughout the whole year or do you solve it as a one-off thing in spring?

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