Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: Burmese Cat

You can recognize a Burmese cat mainly because of its silky fur and beautiful, deep gloss with typical signs of a colour that is not present in any other breed. Besides its glossy fur, this breed has also a great nature which makes these cats great companions.

The cats with bright brown fur were already mentioned in the manuscripts from old Thailand from around 1700. The breed was called “Supalak” or “Thong Daeng” then. The first cat with this special colour was taken from Burma to San Francisco in 1930. It was a female cat named Wong Mau and she became the mother of the breed.

On the opposite of other breeds, the Burmese cat is mainly distinctive because of its special colour separation. As its basic colour shows the advancement of intensity which is typical for it. Its shade is a bit darker on its head, tail and legs than on the rest of the body. The so-called “gene for Burmese dilution” is responsible for that. In recent years, Burmese cats are used to create a new breed – Burmila which is a silver cat of a Burmese type.

Besides their amazing fur, Burmese cats also have irresistible nature. They are calm, very kind and cuddly. They love company and they are also very curious. Contact with humans is very important to them. They will easily follow you all day and jump into your lap. Most Burmese cats have also very strong social feelings. They fight only very rarely and mothers accompany their kittens to their adult age.

They are great companions, thanks to their good balance and playfulness, they have good relationships with both dogs as well as small children. However, avoid getting them if you spend most of your day outside the house. Loneliness means suffering for these beautiful creatures. However, if you happen to be these cats’ companions, you are very lucky. Looking at them is very pleasant. And I’m not talking only about their beautiful fur, it is also because of the inner peace and harmony they emit. Moreover, they are intelligent creatures and you won’t definitely get bored with them. They are playful even at higher age and thanks to their smartness, they can be quite headstrong from time to time.

Most often, you will see a Burmese cat which has brown or chocolate colour; however, there are also blue, lilac, chocolate, cinnamon and other colour varieties. Kittens are moreover born with lighter colours. It may take up to two years before they get their final fur colour and gloss.

When I visit friends who have this cat beauty, I can’t stop watching it. That fur gloss and the deepness of its colour! Moreover, it really looks like it has just stopped meditating. And compared to my screaming cat, this Burmese cat has a quiet, soft voice.


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