Mixed Household or How Can a Cat and a Dog Live Together

Relationships between a cat and a dog can be difficult. Some of them might be companions for life, others are mortal enemies. This is a story of our pack which consisted of various characters but we have always somehow managed living together.

It all started when we got our first cat. The Cat I wrote about. A stubborn, dominant creature that is very serious about cat honour. And then Roxy came. A crazy two-month-old puppy from a puppy mill. It was only obvious after some time that it is quite a dominant little beast which is timid in its nature and it has hunting instincts. Well, they weren’t best friends. Roxy chased Cat and in return, Cat provoked Roxy all the time but they were able to live side by side quite peacefully.

Then Pantalaimon came. An amazing black two-month-old male cat with a head in the shape of a triangle. A hothead that received a nickname Christopher (Columbus) in the temporary shelter because of its curiosity and adventurous nature. When I brought this uncontrollable creature home, Cat was about three years old and Roxy about two. Cat saw its arrival as a betrayal and treated the male cat with contempt and was disgusted. She was offended and ran away from home the first day and came back only after two days, dirty and with a humble expression. I was so worried about her! Then, she ignored every attempt for making a new friend and preferred to spend time outside.

However, Roxy and little Panty became inseparable companions. They spent all their time together. Relaxed together, played together, fought together... They even cooperated in stealing food, the cat threw it from the kitchen desk and the dog tore the packages apart on the floor and they shared their catch. However, Pantalaimon wasn’t with us for a long time, he didn’t even live to his first birthday and he died of FIP infection.

as well as all his siblings, Roxy found it difficult to cope with his loss and therefore, we welcomed a new family member quite soon – a six-month-old dog Aran. He is a restless, unsure fool with guardian tendencies. He tried to become friends with Cat but she didn’t share his interest but could stand him at home. Roxy finally had a creature she could use her dominance to and Aran had a creature to take care of.

Then, Roxy left us and there were only Aran and Cat. When noone disturbed them with their dominance and chasing, the two became quite close. Not as much as Pant and Roxy but it was very peaceful at home. They set some borders very soon (Aran learned when he should let Cat be alone after a few cat slaps) and I started to see them lying on a couch or in a bed together. Cat even withstand some dog licking. Playing with a dog is still too humiliating for Cat but even if she won’t admit it, she feels the affection which might be called friendship towards the little fool.

And as we probably didn’t have enough of these experiments with various animals, we also welcomed a two-legged baby. It awakened Aran’s guardian instincts. Only little mewling was enough and he immediately came, he observed me when I did anything with our daughter and he was ready to assist straight away. Crying was accompanied by whining and attempts to comfort her which was also connected to licking her, of course.

It was more difficult with Cat. She looked like nothing is wrong but she just decided to act like our daughter didn’t exist. Only after a month, she tried to sometimes sniff her conspicuously and then I found her lying in her crib with her. It is necessary to add that our daughter was a calm and quiet baby so even Cat didn’t have problems accepting her and starting to think of her as a family member.

Another turn occurred when our daughter started to move. Aran was in the first line and we had to show them what they can do to each other and what they cannot. Cat learned this on her own. She never had problems showing that she doesn’t like something and was able to manage it herself. And the same applies to my daughter. A few scratches on her hand taught her better than I would that she has to be careful when it concerns Cat and she has to know when she can caress her and when she has to leave Cat alone.

And now I dare to say, there are clear limits set for all household members and their positions. We live peacefully and happily together, enjoying each other’s company. I am only looking forward to what changes will happen over time and what new pack members the fate will bring us. How many members are there in your pack and how did you manage to live together well?


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