How to Pick the Best Meat Can for Your Dog

Would you like to give the best to your dog but there is so many brands and types of cans on the market that you get confused? I’m coming with a few tips how to choose, what shouldn’t be missing in the can and what shouldn’t be there at all.

Do you think that the more popular the brand and the more expensive the can, the higher quality? It doesn’t have to be true. If you invest a lot of money into advertising and marketing, it will definitely influence the price of the product, of course. That’s why some supermarket food is close to superpremium food with its price but it is incomparable with regard to its quality.

You might also think the more meat, the better. So 100% meat can is the best. Well, it’s not only about this, the processing of the meat also matters. Moreover, if the diet of your pet comprises of wet food from a large part or even tas its only component, meat alone is not enough. Even more if it means muscles. Dogs are not pure carnivores. Such food can be called supplementary, it is definitely not complete pet food which will give your dog all necessary nutrients. Such cans also contain side dishes in the form of fruits, vegetables, minerals, seeds and herbs besides meat.

However, meat should be in the first place in the contents (the total amount of all kinds of meat and guts). But don’t trust phrases such as “animal by-products or by-products of vegetable origin” or “products with meat origin”. It should always be clear what it is. Chicken and not poultry, rice and not cereal crops and other similar things.

There should be the side dish on the second place. With regard to digestibility, perfect side dishes are potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Rather opt for gluten-free contents, crops are not a suitable side dish, rice and old arable crops such as buckwheat are exceptions. You can often find also fish oil in high quality cans, preferably salmon oil. There should always be more animal fats, be careful about that. There might also be various herbs and seeds.

You shouldn’t see starch, chemical flavourings and preservatives on the package. And salt shouldn’t be there at all. It will enhance the flavour but harm the dog’s kidneys. Also avoid colourants, GMO and soya.

A good choice for dogs with food intolerance or sensitive digestion system lies in monoprotein cans. You can read about the benefits of this diet in an article called 3 Reasons Why Your Furry Friend Should Eat Monoprotein Food. Such cans are good as supplements for monoprotein dry food. And in a perfect case, the type of meat should be the same for both.

I hope my overview will help you to find the best meat can. When a person knows what to look for on the label and what to avoid, it is quite easy to stay in the picture. In summary – look for natural, simple and clear contents. Then you only have to choose well according to your dog’s tastes. :)


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