Traveling with a guinea pig

Although traveling is fun, it can also be stressful. We have to make sure we don't forget anything and that everything goes according to plan. But what if you decide to travel with your little friend, a guinea pig? Let's take a look at what you will need for traveling with the little furry rodents.

When planning your trip, the most important thing is how long you are leaving for. If it's for one night of the weekend, you don't even have to worry about your little pet. You just need to make sure he has enough food and water. This means that you should fill his pen with granules and green oats and fill his bottle with water.

However, if you are leaving for a long time and have no one to take care of the guinea pig during your absence, then you shouldn't leave it alone and it's better to take it with you. Guinea pigs are quite prone to stress, so make sure to take care of its needs when traveling. It is best to put the guinea pig in a small cage or crate for maximum comfort.

As far as food is concerned, you shouldn't forget suitable vegetables such as carrots and peppers, which have plenty of water, lettuce, corn salad and more. Water is trickier, because it's not possible to attach a water bottle to some transport cages. You can therefore make sure your little friend gets enough water during the trip with watery vegetables such as peppers, as mentioned above. You can also have a little bowl prepared and give the guinea pig some water when you stop. It is recommended to keep adding new hay, but not to completely fill the entire cage; a small bunch is enough. 

Of course, where you put the guinea pig in the car is also important. It's certainly not a good idea to place the cage in the trunk. It's usually hotter there, and you can't control the cage holding your little pet. The best place would be to put the cage under your feet or next to you on the seat. It is not safe to move or remove the cage or guinea pig in any way when driving.

Be sure to take breaks to let your little furry friend run around or to replenish his fluids. After all, he does have fur and he gets hotter than you. This especially applies to trips to warm countries. You should also consider medication to prevent nausea, particularly medications for diarrhea and digestion.

Have a good trip!

What are your traveling experiences? What transport crates do you use?

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