“Dog beaches" in Croatia

Are you going on vacation to Croatia and don't want to leave your partner at home? Take him with you! I'll tell you which beaches to visit so you can all enjoy the sea.

Croatia is still a frequently visited destination among Czechs. One reason is its good accessibility by car, which encourages us to take our dog with us. After all, when the transport is under our control, we can easily adapt it to our four-legged crew members.

This sunny country is quite kind to dogs. Dogs can legally swim on most beaches, unless it's expressly forbidden. However, this only applies to locations by the sea. The situation is different for inland lakes, where dogs cannot go into the water. So, unless dogs are explicitly banned from the beach, you won't break any law by jumping into the water with your pet. However, in some places you may be met with the displeasure of other visitors, and your dog may also not like a crowded, busy beach. It's therefore better to go for a swim with your dog in the morning or evening, when the sea is calmer and the sun isn't so harsh.

But if you want to be 100% sure that you enjoy the day on the beach in peace and quiet, choose a beach designated for dogs by the local authorities. There are dozens of them, and you will mostly find other dog owners here, so your friend will certainly not disturb anyone. On the contrary, he will find friends to play with. 

These dog beaches can be found along the entire Adriatic coast, although most are located in the north. Some even have special equipment for dogs such as showers or shading tents. They often also include bins and bags for dog excrements. And if you want to really enjoy yourself, choose the beach with Montys Beach Bar. In addition to the bar, it has dog agility obstacles and dog loungers, and you can buy your dog ice cream. A dog-friendly beach with this kind of equipment can be found on Rab or in Crikvenica.

Do you travel to the sea with your dog? Have you ever visited a beach intended for dogs? 


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