Dog stars of Czech Instagram

They have four legs, a furry coat and they can't talk, but they have tens of thousands of fans. I'm talking about dogs that have become stars of Czech Instagram thanks to their owners. Let's take a look at the most interesting ones.  

Sitka (Kopernikk)

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Sitka owned by Honza Řeháček is undoubtedly the first star not only of Czech Instagram. He currently has over half a million followers on the popular social network. The story of these two inseparable partners began in 2014, when Honza found himself at rock bottom. It was at this moment that he decided to change his life. He got Sitka and began traveling around the country. This resulted in breathtaking photographs mapping the virgin beauty of Czech nature. If you would like to meet Sitka, go to the north of the country, which is where the pair can usually be found.

Señor Pupík (senorpupik)

Watch out for this Praguer! Yes, yes, Señor Pupík is now a well-known company in Prague's streets, parks, and especially bistros and cafes. The brown-white English Bulldog is gaining in popularity at lightning speed. Just a year ago he had about one thousand followers on Instagram, but today he has almost twenty thousand. This wrinkled beauty won the hearts of his fans with typical bulldog glances and his tongue hanging out. 

Charlie & Woody (kristynakvapilovaphotography)

It took the young and very talented photographer Kristýna Kvapilová seven years to persuade her parents to buy her dream dog. She named her first dog, an Australian Shepherd, Charlie. Everyone must admit that the combination of Kristýna's photographic talent and Charlie's charisma simply works perfectly. Her Instagram profile is dominated by photos in which she plays beautifully with light and shadow. Kristýna recently bought another Australian Shepherd and named it Woody.

Vodopád (vodopad_the_dog)

The Instagram of a Golden Retriever with a rather unusual name is managed by the very popular youtuber VladaVideos. Maybe that's why this account is currently followed by 165,000 users, because the photographs themselves are no works of art that one would marvel at. However, Vodopád entertains fans with funny moments, occasionally posing with his famous owner. 


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