Dog swimming rules

How to have a relaxing and safe swim with your dog? Just follow some simple rules and enjoy a relaxing day by the water.

Whether you love or hate the heat, in most cases it leads us to water. It's the best way to cool down and have a lot of fun. We can't leave our dogs at home in the heat, but not every dog loves water. Therefore, if this should be your pet's first time in the water, it is necessary to proceed prudently. I've written more on this topic in the article “How to "teach" your dog to swim”.

Whether we're going to water for the first time or for the hundredth time, there are a few simple rules to follow for the safety and well-being of all involved. First, it is important to keep in mind that we are taking the dog with us when choosing a location. If you are going to a public bathing place, first find out if dogs are allowed and under what conditions. If you're going to a river, choose a place with good access to the water and a slow stream. You must also be mindful of fishermen. If you're heading to a pond or lake, make sure the water is not green. Your dog could get poisoned by cyanobacteria and algae. Wherever you go, you should stay in the shade.

Don't let your eyes off your dog when at the water. If there are other people around, don't let your dog annoy them or steal their snacks while they're in the water. Your four-legged partner should come when you call him, even if it he's in the water. Do not let him approach another dog, especially in the water, without the owner's permission. The other dog may not be a good swimmer, and the presence of another dog could throw him off.

Don't forget to bring floating toys, a quick-drying towel, a travel bowl, dog waste bags, a leash and a collar for your dog A life jacket may also be useful if your dog doesn't feel comfortable in the water, treats for praise and motivation, an anchor peg, if the situation requires it, cooling pad if it's hot , and a first aid kit for dogs just in case.

Does your dog love water, or does he not feel comfortable in it? Do you have any favorite places for swimming?


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