How to properly store granules

Most of us use convenient large packages of granules. But how should we store them at home without degrading their quality? Why buy expensive, high-quality granules to degrade them with storage?

Granules aren't as prone to decomposition as wet canned and pouch food, but many factors can harm their quality. It's therefore necessary to store them properly. This particularly applies to the large packages, which we buy due to their convenient price, but we have them open for a long time.

I became interested in proper storage when my cat stopped eating her granules and I couldn't figure out why. I thought she'd had enough of them and that I will have to buy another flavor. When I consulted my friend, a big cat expert, she smelled the granules and knew right away – they were rancid. 

To maintain the quality of the granules, to ensure that your pets eat them and that they cause no health problems, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Always store the granules in closed boxes/bags

Most manufacturers make at least the big bags with a ziplock. That's great, as you don't have to think of anything, just make sure the ziplock is always closed properly along its entire length and that you don't pay for your carelessness like me. The airtight closure prevents oxidation of the granules and thus extends their shelf life. If you have trouble removing the granules from the bag or you just want to store them a bit more aesthetically at home, you can put them in a box, barrel or container. I was given a recommendation to put the granules with the original bag into a barrel. Like this you will avoid contaminating the food. 

Don't overdo it with supplies

After my experience, I no longer buy a 7 kg pack for my cat (since it receives a dose of wet food several times a day, she doesn't consume as many granules); however, a dog can finish a 15 kg bag of granules before they start to deteriorate. It is recommended to use the opened package within 3 months, so take this into account when buying the granules whether they are discounted or not. Also be sure to check the expiration date.

Choose a good storage place

Granules don't like moisture and heat, so think about where you store them. A balcony or humid cellar are not suitable at all. Choose the driest, coolest place. A pantry is best, if you have one.

Don't let your dog eat from the barrel

Don't let your dog or cat eat granules from the barrel or bag, not even one. Their saliva contaminates the whole batch, opening the door to bacteria.

Don't forget about bowls

You should wash the bowls after each meal so that food and saliva residue does not contaminate the next batch.

How do you store granules at home? Do you have any tips or tricks?


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