How to care for a dog ecologically

Ecology is one of the main topics of our time, and a lot of dog owners are thinking of how they can apply it to their pets. Although we don't have so many options in dog care yet, we can still try to be as gentle to our planet as possible.

For me, ecology is a big topic, so it's no wonder I've always been looking for ways to take care of my pets. I have already written some tips for cat care here, now it's time to put dogs in the spotlight.

Package free shops are a big eco trend for us people, but it's quite hard to do in terms of dog care. It's true that some pet stores sell package free kibble using open bags from different brands. This could be a solution for owners of smaller dogs who can't finish a big pack before it expires. However, I'm not a big supporter of this, because you never know how long the bag has been opened, how it was stored and whether it has been contaminated.

I am in favor of buying the largest possible package that you can consume before its expiry. Keep in mind that you can significantly increase the shelf life by proper storage. Some manufacturers even pack kibble in environmentally friendly materials. 

Bigger packages are always better, so I prefer canned food to pouches. But there are dogs that won't eat an opened can the next day. In such cases, there's no other option but to reconcile with a bigger amount of waste, as denying them wet food wouldn't be quite fair.

Today it's not hard to find everything else you need to care for your dog made of environmentally friendly materials, from bowls to toys and beds. The range of products isn't large, but it's certainly sufficient. It's also good to avoid buying useless things. I don't mean you shouldn't get your dog a toy, but it doesn't need a full basket of them.

What you will certainly have to deal with in terms of ecology as a dog owner is how to dispose of dog excrements. It's simply not possible to be completely zero waste. It's true that some will take a shovel along and burry the excrement, but I don't consider this to be the best solution. First of all, with a large number of dogs in large cities, there would be nowhere to bury it, and secondly, I'm not sure what impact it would have on the spread of parasites and diseases.

In my opinion, the most environmentally friendly option are paper bags with a scoop, which some municipalities distribute free of charge close to garbage bins. However, I'm sure you'll agree with me that using them isn't the easiest. There is also the option of bioplastic bags, but they are pretty expensive. The last option that comes to mind is the use of plastic bags that have already been used at home.

Does this topic concern you? How do you deal with it? If you have another tip on how to take care of dogs in a more environmentally friendly way, I would be very happy to hear them. Let's inspire and support each other in our effort.

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