A New Trend in the Pet World – Dog Rentals

In today’s hectic world, many people don’t dare to get a dog because of the financial burden it presents and the time it consumes. Others can’t have a dog because of their health issues. Nevertheless, they have an opportunity to spend some time with a dog thanks to dog rentals these days. In the Czech Republic, some shelters offer this.

One can rent almost anything in today’s world, so it’s no surprise it also concerns pets. Therefore, you can “rent” a dog – at least for a one-hour walk but also for a whole weekend, it depends on your wishes. The rental dogs usually have adequate psychological training so they wouldn’t be stressed by changing owners often. They are also highly socialized and not aggressive. Also, the people will undergo training before renting a dog so they know how to treat the individual dogs.

Most dog rentals are found in Japan but some are already in the USA, Canada, France or the UK. There aren’t many rentals like that in the Czech Republic yet, but you can come across a similar service in some shelters where occasional walks with dogs are appreciated. After a long time and legal treatment, they might be willing to borrow you a dog home for a couple of days.

It’s obvious that renting dogs is discussed quite a lot. Many people consider renting living beings to be immoral. On the other hand, the dogs get more attention and exercise than they would probably get in a shelter and their socialization gets deeper which may increase their chances for adoption. For some people, borrowing a dog is great for preparing if they consider getting one permanently. They can learn about what it means to take care of a dog and how they can handle it. It might be a great opportunity to find out if a kid who wants a dog is mature and responsible enough to take care of the animal and it is not just a whim. 

What do you think about renting dogs or other pets? Is it okay to have it as a business activity or is it justifiable only in the case of shelter dogs? Or do you not find it to be okay anyway?


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