Bach Flower Remedies – What They Are and What They Can Be Used for

You might have come across something about BFRs in discussions concerning a fearful dog, moving a cat or New Year’s Eve celebrations. Are you wondering what they are and what they can help your pet with?

Bach flower remedies are a verified method of alternative medicine which is more and more common among vets and it’s because of the growing trend of using natural treatments. The inventor of the method was Dr. Bach who believed that emotional imbalance causes physical diseases. 

BFRs are a simple system of 38 flower remedy solutions which can help with a great number of emergency situation and mental issues in different combinations. Their great advantage is the fact that they are completely natural. When using them, no contraindications with conventional medicines. They are also suitable for those suffering from allergies because they contain no firm part (e.g. pollen) of flowers. 

Old age or acute or chronic diseases are no obstacles in using them. A good thing about using them to solve mental issues is the fact that there are no opposite reactions (apathy or fearfulness instead of aggression) but they balance emotions. 

They are used in many different situations for animals. One of the typical ones is the New Year’s Eve and a baby or a new pet coming into a family. They are used for aggressive, anxious or fearful behaviour after bad experience or an injury. 

However, BFRs have to be well picked and used to work the way they should. There are many pre-mixed solutions on the market, but you can also have them custom mixed by a therapist. This way, you can be sure that (s)he will take into account all criteria that might have an undesirable effect on the behaviour.

A maximum of four flower remedies is always combined for treatments. Their proportion is adjusted according to the causes of the relevant issue. Therefore, you may spend longer time with the description of the animal’s issue as well as its character, the environment in which it lives, the changes in its life and these things before mixing the solution. 

An exceptional case is the emergency essence which includes five essences and it should work for all emergency situations. And it doesn’t only mean situations which cause fear or anxiety but also trauma conditions and other life-threatening situations, such as poisoning. Of course, it shouldn’t be the only medicine! So, it’s a good idea to have it always with you and use it if need be.

Besides mental issues, BFRs can be used for animal before and after surgeries, for those with epilepsy to have less serious seizures and to have them less frequently, for allergy sufferers, for those with diabetes and patients with skin problems, for those with arthropathy and tumour treatment.

Do you have any experience with BFRs? What problem did they help your pet with? I don’t have any direct experience yet but I’ve heard a lot of positive things about them and I won’t hesitate to use them in the case of need. After all, trying them won’t hurt. If it’s not helpful, the condition will not change. 

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