Cat Blogs Worth Following

Simon’s Cat, Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub, these are celebrities among cats almost every cat lover knows. However, I will introduce you to a few blogs related to cats in general where you can find interesting information, advice and experience from living with a cat.

The Creative Cat is a blog with many stories and valuable information from the lives of cats. Its author has been saving cats’ lives and keeping them for more than 30 years. Therefore, he has valuable experience. There are many interesting articles, photos and artworks.

Little Big Cat is a blog full of information written by a vet and cat behaviourist. There are good-quality information concerning the health, behaviour and nutrition of both cats and dogs. The author's plan is to raise awareness of the public about proper cat and dog breeding and reduce the number of abandoned or stray animals.

Feline Opines is a blog from the point of view of cats which is about everything related to them. It’s light reading, not always serious, with funny and whimsical posts that will definitely make your day. After all, the blog won several awards.

An interesting project is Traveling Cats which is basically a set of cat photos taken by the author when travelling all over the world. General impressions of the individual cities are also included. For example, you can learn about how large the cat population on Tashirojima island in Japan is.

A great source of information about cat scratchers is Happy Pet Post. There are many reviews and tips for the best scratching products you can find on the market these days.

An interesting and very often also useful blog is Feline Behavior Solutions. Its author is a cat behaviorist who helps to solve problems of cats and people living together. She adjusts the upbringing and approach to cats according to their needs and issues. The aim of her blog is to try to avoid unnecessary placing of cats in shelters as a result of their lack of understanding or bad (even though unaware) approach. It provides people with the necessary education and tools to avoid or solve issues of cat behaviour by advisory services as well as her worthwhile articles.

The Purrfect Job is written by a professional cat sitter. There are various tips and reviews, her job stories but also tips on how to start a business in this field and what to expect.

Another educational blog is The Catnip Times. Anyone who is interested in learning about his/her cat’s behaviour, the tips on how to take care of it and proper feeding will enjoy it. Besides that, the author tries to raise awareness about incurable cat diseases, such as FIP. She also raises awareness of Americans about less known and undesired effects of removing claws. The information in articles are thoroughly verified and consulted with world’s leading experts as well as producers.

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