Cats and Reflexology

Do you know this natural therapy method which you can not only enjoy yourself but also order it for your cat? Do you wonder what it is and what it might be good for?

We can probably agree that these days, pets are important family members. It may be because the society dynamics has changed and more people live isolated lives than a couple of decades ago. Community networks don’t work particularly well mainly in large cities and a great part of our social life was consumed by the Internet and social media. Cat
companions therefore often have an important role in our lives.

That’s why they can enjoy various natural therapies which had previously been there only for humans. Your cat (and also other pets) can enjoy massages, acupuncture or homoeopathy. These are safe, effective and beneficial methods for all of us.

Reflexology is something in between massages and acupuncture. Its main idea is that the ears and feet of a human or an animal are a perfect microcosm, a certain map of the whole body and therefore, we can affect the whole body with the right touch. The reason is that these body parts are connected to energy pathways which travel through the body to certain organs, structures or glands.

Therefore, reflexology is a form of therapeutic touching which can help with relaxing and support body healing. When the stress in a body is relieved, the immune, nervous and hormonal system can work more effectively. It is also said to improve the blood circulation around individual organs and the overall blood and lymphatic circulation. According to one experiment mentioned by Dr. Mehmet Oz, dog paw massaging increases lymph drainage. Other experts also talk about positive effects of this method for cats and dogs. You can read
about it in The Healing Touch or Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care. In The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs and Cats, you can even find a cat’s ear acupuncture map.

People and animals both have some anatomy and physiology, we suffer from some common health issues and we also often cure them using the same medication. Animals and people have the same energy centres and energy pathways and we also have similar emotions. Therefore, there’s no reason to think reflexology works for people but it wouldn’t work for pets.

Pets have low tolerance for chemicals and toxins in their environment. However, they inhale, ingest or absorb them every day, may it be from home cleaners, plastic bowls or the food itself. Poor-quality industrial feed often contains artificial preservatives, appetisers and colourants, sugar or salt. In a long term, such nutrition may lead to chronic health issues such as diabetes, allergies or kidney failure. Reflexology may help with the detoxification of the organism.

The most common cause of all diseases in both people and animals is chronic stress. Cats in particular are very sensitive to noise and any changes. They are also very sensitive creatures which easily take over people’s emotions and moods. As mentioned above, reflexology is also a great tool to relieve stress.

There are already some reflexologists in the Czech Republic or there are courses where you can learn about this healing contact with your pet on your own. Do you have any experience with this type of therapy or have you at least heard about it yet?

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