Valentine’s Day for Your Pet

On this day we celebrate our feelings for our loved ones. And this category undoubtedly includes our dog and cat (and any other) companions. Don’t forget about them on this occasion!

Are you tired of all the hearts and roses everywhere? It’s one more reason to stay at home with your four-legged companion or, for example, to head to the woods together. Moreover, your pet won’t ask you for any special expressions of love, presents and it won’t get angry if a  neighbour’s cat gets a better meat pocket.

And when food is mentioned, your dog won’t care what ends up in its bowl (unless it’s one of the few fussy muttons). Well, what about picking some special flavour or meat kind that your pet doesn’t get very often when it’s Valentine’s day? Or any fancy meat can? However, I’m sure you provide your companion with high-quality food anyway.

You will definitely make it happy if you find some time for its favourite game or activity. Winter means less time, light and energy for activities together, so we tend to more or less forget about it. Haven’t you had time for a longer walk recently? You played fetch only for a short while and hurried home? Or you haven’t done the sport you do together for quite a while? It’s the perfect opportunity to fix it.

Moreover, your four-legged companions won’t expect any presents even though there are plenty of presents for pets for Valentine’s Day on the market. However, I’m sure you have enough plush toys and you or your pet don’t really need any plush heart. Choose treats according to the contents rather than the shape of a heart and your buddy might be rather upset than happy in cute dog clothes.

I am sure some time spent together (and you can definitely invite your human significant other as well) will do your pet as well as you good. The fresh air and some time in nature will stretch your muscles and clear your head. The mind and the body will relax even if you only stay at home with your cat, won’t hurry anywhere and spend a calm day full of playing, cuddling and relaxing together.

How do you spend your Valentine’s Day? Do you love it, hate it or is it just another day for you? Try to use it this year for your own relaxing and making your pet happy – it definitely deserves it.

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