Have You Ever Heard of the Forest of Dog’s Souls?

Such a place is located in Chocerady, Beroun region, in the Czech Republic and it has one and a half acre. This unique project should serve nature and the people whose four-legged family member has died.

The Forest of Dog’s Souls is managed by a civic society organisation of the same name. It is an unparalleled type of project in the whole of Europe. At first, it was just a wish of cynologist and project founder Eva Slivanská to save a part of the land which swept her off her feet with its energy and history. However, the idea of this project emerged and the Forest of Dogs’ Souls got its clearer plan.

This space should be a calm place where people can go and remember about their deceased four-legged companion. Even though there are pet cemeteries these days and some people have their pet in a small urn, it’s still quite common to leave the body at the vet. In the Forest of Dog’s Souls, you can plant a tree for your four-legged family member and even label it with a name and dates. But don’t mistake this place for a typical cemetery, it isn’t allowed to bury bodies here. And don’t be confused by its name, you can also plant a tree here for a cat or any other pet. There are already some trees for hamsters, for example.

One of the trees is even dedicated to all people with multiple sclerosis. You only have to choose a good kind of tree that will do well here. Planting any deciduous trees common in wild nature in the Czech Republic are welcome.

Even though it is a private land, it is open to all people who can spend their time here, take a walk alone or with their dogs and remember their deceased friends. However, you shouldn’t plant a tree on your own, you should contact the organisation first and arrange it. The organisation then deals with the subsequent plant care such as watering, protection and

Have you ever been in the Forest of Dogs’ Souls or have you even planted a tree there for your buddy? I must go there as soon as possible, the idea of the project is appealing to me and I am curious about what kind of mood the place will spread.

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