Why Cats Sleep in Our Beds

If you have at least one cat companion living with you, you have definitely already woken up with a purring body on your legs, stomach, back or even on your head. Only a very few cats don’t want to get into our warm beds. Have you ever wondered why cats choose beds for sleeping so often?

There are several main reasons why cats like sleeping in beds with us:

Even though cats are predators, larger hunters present danger for them. Therefore, they have to be alert and they are most vulnerable when sleeping. So, there is no better place to sleep at than by the side of someone they trust and know (s)he isn’t dangerous and can protect them in the case of need.

Cats love warmth and they will soon find any source of it at home. You are also a source of warmth, especially your legs and your head – the warmest parts of your body.

Cats are very territorial creatures and they might consider your bed to be a part of their territory. They mark it by releasing pheromones by rubbing head or by simple walking.

Last but not least, a cat might like sleeping in your bed simply because it likes and trusts you. Even though cats are thought to be solitary animals, they enjoy company and when you are sleeping they can enjoy your company undisturbed. Interactions with people can make their lives as well as yours more enjoyable.

However, sleeping with a cat has a number of benefits for you as well. Purring and the proximity itself have a positive effect on the nervous system and it reduces stress. Its presence also makes us safer and our sleep is calmer thanks to that. Strengthening our relationship doesn’t really need to be mentioned anymore, I guess.

Cat’s purring has particularly beneficial effects as it helps the animal to regenerate and it does the same to you. Studies have proven that the frequency of purring has significant healing effects on human body. Besides relieving stress, it can also moderate symptoms of breathing problems. Listening to purring reduces blood pressure and slows down the heart activity. Certain frequencies even improve bone strength and promote wound healing. And that’s not all.

What about you, does your cat sleep in your bed with you? My cat has been sleeping only on my legs for several years. While it previously got up and left any time I slightly moved, now it lies still no matter how hard I fidget. :)

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