Can FIP Be Already Cured?

FIP is a fatal viral disease of cats. However, American scientists developed a cure that gives some cats a chance to survive. It’s not easy but you can already get it in the Czech Republic.

FIP is a very personal topic for me because my one-year-old tom cat Pantalaimon died because of it some time ago. Moreover, I also came across this insidious disease because of my collaboration with a cat shelter quite often.

FIP is a fatal disease of cats caused by coronaviruses. As they are transmitted easily, almost every cat has some inside their body. While some time ago, this disease mainly concerned common domestic cats, it is no exception these days that even a pedigree cat succumbs to it. However, the mere presence of the virus inside a cat’s body doesn’t mean it has FIP.

The onset of the disease, i.e. coronavirus mutation, usually occurs in younger cats up to three years of age. Many kittens are already born with results positive for coronaviruses. The manifestation of the disease depends on various factors. Among other things, it can also be induced by stress and the immune system also has a key role (so the quality of nutrition is very important as well because healthy bowels make up a resilient immune system).

The common procedure to fight FIP is to start treatment with corticoids which cure the side effects. This makes the cat’s life a bit longer but it can’t save it. The end is always fatal. It will gradually feel worse and it is up to its owner to decide about the end before it struggles too much.

However, American scientists have figured out a way to fight this fatal disease so the patient would live. Even though it is quite difficult, the cure can also be obtained in the Czech Republic. A great example is a cat named Bella which probably managed to successfully recover from FIP thanks to her owner’s relentless efforts.
Experimental cure GS 441524 (the same cure as the one used for ebola treatment) helped her. It is an antiviral agent which prevents the mutated virus to multiply further and spread in
the body. This active agent is available under various names and it costs between 1,800 to 10,000 CZK (70 to 400 EUR) for 5 ml. You will learn about where to get it in an international group called FIP warriors. The members will gladly give you advice, explain everything and help you get the cure.

It will take several days before it arrives, so it is advisable to start dealing with the situation as soon after FIP diagnosis as possible. The cat often doesn’t have much time left, so it’s crucial to act promptly. However, if you decide to give it a try you need to remember it’s not absolutely sure that the cat will win its fight even with this cure.

It should be administered using injections for 84 days. As it is not an approved drug, a vet will probably not be willing to apply it. Going to the vet’s office every day would be very stressful for the cat anyway, so it is the last thing it needs with regard to the circumstances.

So, you are the one who needs to inject it. After the last dose, there is a period of 12-week-long observation when you should check if the cat isn’t relapsing and doesn’t need to start the treatment once again.

I really hope none of you will need to deal with FIP treatment. If you will do though, there is the already-mentioned international group and with their help, you can start communicating with vets, consulting the cat’s condition and trying to get the medication.

I hope Bella is cured for good and other similar cases will come.

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