Special Care for White Hair Dogs

It’s clear you need to take care of white hair so it doesn’t turn yellow or brown. But have you ever wondered that it might be possible to help the white hair to shine with food and food supplements?

<p>There might be several reasons causing that white hair turns yellow. One of them is the sun. It&nbsp;has the greatest impact on black dogs as their hair lightens and gets brown because of it. However, long time spent on sunlight has also impact on white hair. It will start changing its&nbsp;pigment mainly on the back, ears and the tail. Of course, we won&rsquo;t avoid sun in summer but we may reduce its effect on hair by using suitable shampoos and food supplements. Both&nbsp;products can be found in special variants for white dogs.</p>

<p>More intense red or brown colour can be seen around the mouth and eyes but also on spots&nbsp;where the dog often licks itself. Organic compounds contained in tears, saliva and sweat are&nbsp;the reason. So, the hair can be kept clean by regularly wiping and cleaning the places&nbsp;around eyes, the nose and the mouth. If you notice the dog licks some spot more often (you&nbsp;may do so also because of the colour of the hair), check it. It might be a symptom of allergy,&nbsp;rash or an injury.</p>

<p>If you wish to avoid hair turning yellow, you should also avoid certain ingredients in dog food.&nbsp;For example, the high content of beta-carotene. However, if you buy high-quality food, you&nbsp;can remain calm. Those don&rsquo;t contain any beta-carotene. However, it&rsquo;s better to avoid corn.</p>

<p>Opt for gluten-free side dishes, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes or rice, instead. Beta-carotene is also contained in carrots or fresh apricots.&nbsp;It is generally known that salmon oil has good effects on hair &ndash; white hair is no exception to&nbsp;that. You won&rsquo;t do anything bad by adding the oil to the dog&rsquo;s diet.&nbsp;Do you have a white furry friend at home? Do you manage to keep its hair snowy white or do&nbsp;you struggle with that?</p>

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