Quarantine With Your Dog

Staying home because of quarantine means a lifestyle change. There is much more time for hobbies, we finish things we didn’t have time for before – however, it all happens in a limited space. We spent a lot of time with our dogs and we get to learn it’s also a lifestyle change for our four-legged companions.

Limited movement also means less energy used. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the physical condition of our dogs more carefully so they don’t gain weight. Being overweight impacts the dog’s vitality (besides the restrictions of movement) which might lead to the development of various diseases. In the case the dog’s condition changes, it’s necessary to switch to dog food labelled as Weight Loss or Light. Such food has balanced content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

So, it’s good to significantly reduce the number of treats, too and pick rather those with low contents of fat and sugar. Dried meat or functional treats might be perfect. Functional treats also have an added value in the form of a health benefit. What else might people wish for their dogs than to reward them with tasty, meaty and even healthy goody. Functional treats from Immunity range are enriched with vitamin C and lactobacilli, Antistress treats with the combination of herbs which help to maintain the stress level under control, Light treats are enriched with psyllium and bamboo lignocellulose. You can choose the treats based on the current situation or combine them in various ways. Moreover, they are as good as superpremium dog food with the quality of their content and the nutrient ratio.

The change of the rhythm of life in quarantine is very demanding for a dog. While master’s arrival home used to mean going for a walk, now the person is within the reach of the dog all the time and it means great interference with its usual life. The master needs to help the dog get used to the changes and overcome them. It is also very important to find a fixed schedule as soon as possible. All activities need to be done regularly every day at the same time.

Exercising together, a short walk, feeding – there needs to be a regular regime. Dogs like fixed schedules, they even need them. They will get used to it within a couple of days and they look forward to the activity together at that time.
Being together in quarantine is a perfect opportunity to teach the dog a few new exercises, tricks and skills. Dogs of all ages love learning new things, almost all dogs love working together with their master. Also, a person gets to know they have a surprisingly smart and skilled companion by their side. There are various ideas for many exercises everywhere. It’s important not to strain the dog too much. The dog gets tired fast, mainly with new exercises. That’s why it’s important to maintain the length of exercising, it’s completely enough to exercise twice a day for 15–20 minutes, so the dog could rest between the two slots. You need to use different exercises, so the dog has always something to look forward to. When the dog learns the exercise, it’s good to repeat it only twice or three times, so it could get its reward. So, it’s good to end the whole exercising with the exercise the dog handles well.

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