How to Celebrate Easter with a Cat

It’s clear that Easter this year won’t be the same as we are used to and we have to give up on some traditions. We will be at home with our loved ones, so why not to engage our cat companions?

Easter celebrations this year will probably not be as lively as we are used to. However, there’s no reason we shouldn’t celebrate it less publicly as the situation allows. To make up for traditions we have to skip, let’s try to come up with some new ones and also engage our pets.

Fresh green grass is undoubtedly connected to spring and Easter. Many households plant Easter grass. If you skipped this tradition in the past years and you have a cat at home, change it this year! Your furry friends will be very happy because of the grass and they will immediately start biting it, of course. And besides that, it can clear their stomach from hair. If you use a window box that is big enough, your little predators will be happily lying in it or observe the outside world behind the window from it.

Even though Czech boy might not whip girls this year (which is a typically Czech tradition), the little whips don’t have to be useless. Colourful ribbons and crepe stripes on a stick attract almost any cat to play with them. Your furry friends will definitely appreciate a change when they don’t have to play with typical sticks with feathers or bells. Only watch out so they don’t eat a little piece of the ribbon or the stripe.

Also, boring plastic eggs can be great toys. You can fill those that can be opened with catnip or beads. However, most cats will enjoy even rolling empty eggs on the floor and watching their movement as they move in a different way than usual balls due to their shape.

If you like baking, don’t forget about your furry friends. Typical Easter pastry is no good for cats, but what about preparing butter biscuits for your pets? You don’t even need any special ingredients, a favourite meat can, eggs and rice flour are enough. Mix it all together and bake it.

Do you know about any other Easter activity for a cat? I will be glad if you share your ideas and we will inspire each other so Easter this year is as cheerful as possible given the circumstances.

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