3 Ways to Keep Cat’s Teeth Healthy and Clean

A healthy mouth is a very important part of the complex vitality of a cat and we shouldn’t neglect taking care of it. There are many oral diseases our furry friends can suffer from. What can you do to keep your cat’s teeth clean?

Only a few people really think about taking special care of their cat’s teeth. But in fact, these pets (as well as dogs) tend to have calculus deposits. The dental plaque is then the reason of various gum infections, mouth ulcers and other diseases that can make eating very unpleasant for the pet and it soon starts to languish.


We should check our cat’s teeth regularly and we shouldn’t underestimate even the slightest gum reddening. That’s why going to a vet for preventive check-ups is important. (S)he will check the mouth thoroughly and discover potential changes better than we can. However, there are a few things we can do to keep our cat’s teeth clean and to prevent any medical issues.


  1. Brush your cat’s teeth

The most efficient way to prevent cavities and other diseases is to brush your cat’s teeth. But let’s be honest – it’s not easy with cats. It’s perfect to let your cat get used to it when it’s very young. If you proceed slowly, most cats will get used to brushing with some positive training and a lot of patience.


However, always use equipment designed for cats – brushes and toothpastes. Toothpastes for people may contain ingredients that are toxic for cats and special brushes are adapted to cats’ teeth. Of course, it would be perfect to brush the teeth every day, However, the results are obvious even when it’s done once or twice a week.


  1. Use the magic of dental treats

High-quality dental treats will help keep your cat’s teeth healthy and it will even enjoy them. You can use them as a reward or just to make it happy. These functional treats help to remove the plaque from the teeth when chewing them and their contents eliminate the creation and deposition of it. In contrary to brushing cat’s teeth, it won’t be difficult to give these treats to a cat. To make the most of it, you should give the treat to your cat after a meal.


  1. Buy high-quality cat food

Giving your cat high-quality food is the best way to keep your cat healthy, including its mouth. It can only have healthy and strong teeth when eating high-quality and well-balanced nutrients. On the other hand, cat food of poor quality increases the creation of calculus and weakens the cat’s overall vitality and immune system. A complex, well-balanced diet with natural ingredients also often contains enzymes and other substances that help decompose the deposits on cats’ teeth. Dry food also removes that mechanically when a cat chews it.

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