Cat Leashes: What Purpose Do They Serve and When Is It Good to Get Them?

Cats are no longer the outside countryside homeless animals that come closer to a house just for a while when they are in the mood for it. Rather the opposite, they have started living in city flats and have adjusted to our lifestyle. However, it’s not entirely possible to suppress the cat’s nature which makes them interested in going out. It might be difficult to satisfy the animal’s desire for exploring with all the dangers waiting for cats outside. That’s why cat leashes emerged – many...

There Are Many Kinds

As well as in the category for dogs, there are many types of leashes for cats which differ in quality, design, price and functionality. The most basic ones are attached to a collar and only make sure that the cat doesn’t get further away from the owner that it’s allowed to. Another option is to get a set which is attached to the cat’s chest. This option is often more comfortable for the cat as there is no risk of strangling, the cat pulls using the whole front part of the body.


More Complicated and Comfortable Options

If you would like to get your cat something more comfortable and your walks aren’t just for 5 minutes in front of your house, it’s a good idea to think about better and more thought-through models. Their advantage is the fact that they can be also used for other activities, such as travelling. We are talking about harness vests which the animal has on its chest.


Safe in a Car

These vests are mainly great because they are often padded. So, cats enjoy their soft clothes and you don’t need to worry about something being too tight for them. Some vests can even turn into a useful tool for travelling by car. They may have a belt with a snap hook which can be fitted into the fastener of a safety belt and you can be sure your pet will be safe even during the journey.


Stylish Pieces

These days when the development is very fast, fashion trends in the field of pet accessories are no surprise. Therefore, you can also decide about a new leash based on how you like it and pick freely among individual colours, types or how firm they are. Each of these aspects influences the price, of course. So, it’s no surprise you can get a leash for less than a hundred crowns but also some for several hundreds. You should also consider all the reasons why you need the leash, if it’s only for walks or also for travelling.


A Way to Take a Cat Out of the City

Leashes can be a very useful accessory thanks to which your cat can go outside and breath in some fresh air. Especially in city centres it’s almost impossible to arrange a trip outside for the pet that used to spend time in nature. However, some cats have problem with a leash or a harness they wear and they don’t want to spend time in it. In such cases, it’s recommended to try to teach them get used to the leash gradually.


Step by Step

First, let the cat sniff the leash so it gets to know it better. Then, try it at home. That’s better both because of safety as it can’t run away from you but also because the cat will feel more comfortable in a familiar environment and it will more likely be willing to try it. Then play with the cat and try to lead it where you want it to go for example with a treat. With some cats, it might be fast. But it may take some time to others. However, you can go for the desired walk outside after a while with some patience.


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