Original Christmas Gifts for Cats

At Christmas, we want to make our loved ones, those who are our loyal companions throughout the whole year, happy. It also applies to our furry friends. If you have a cat at home and you are thinking about what to give it at Christmas, we have a couple of tips that will please a playful kitten as well as cats that rather appreciate some good snacks.

A scratching post

It’s a playful and useful thing especially for the cats living in a flat. Those don’t have so many options to sharpen their claws and some nice tall and segmented scratching post will definitely be frequently used. There are many of them offered, so you can match it with your interior as well as according to the size of space you are willing to spare for it. Also, think about the stability and that its columns should be solid enough and they shouldn’t break down easily.


A toy

Cats are naturally playful, so a gift like this will never be a bad idea. You can pick some of the classic ones such as balls or mice or you can focus on some less traditional variants. Examples include tunnels the cat can run through or houses it can hide in if it needs. There are also interactive toys available and these help with developing certain skills. A great tip is, for example, a colourful tower with a round shape with a ball on it and the cat pushes it and it simulates hunting.


A good snack

Timeless classic you can make your cat happy with any time. If you wish to give it something that will last and that the cat will appreciate throughout the whole year, opt for high-quality dry food that contains all the necessary nutrients and ingredients good for the cat’s health. You should apply the same criteria when picking suitable cans plus you should look for those with a large percentage of high-quality meat.


If you rather wish to give your cat a treat, there are plenty of salamis and pockets on the market. Again, you should pay attention to the quality of the product, i.e. if it has enough meat, if there aren’t harmful preservatives and what microsubstances it contains. Another great option is dried meat – chicken, goose or fish. However, always buy products for cats not for humans.


A bed

Every animal needs its own sport where it can take its toys and it knows it only belongs to the animal itself and it can rest there uninterrupted. If your cat doesn’t have such a spot at your home, give it a nice and comfortable bed this Christmas. Again, there are plenty of variants on the market. These include pillow beds or houses, which also provide a darker place beside the comfort. You can also incorporate the bed to the above-mentioned scratching post, so it’s all put together for the cat.


It doesn’t matter if you pick a larger and more valuable gift for your cat or just a small thing, don’t forget that the moments spent with you are the most precious for the pet. Spend enough time cuddling and snuggling. This is the only way it can see how much you love it and how you appreciate your furry friend.

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