Christmas Dinner for Your Pets

One of the most important parts of Christmas is Christmas Eve’s dinner. For example in the Czech Republic, it usually includes fish soup, fried carp or schnitzel and potato salad. However, the most important thing is that all loved ones should be at the table. And it also applies to our furry friends who are our loyal companions throughout the whole year. How can you adjust the courses of Christmas Eve’s dinner for your pets?

Basic rules

When planning and preparing dishes for the four-legged friends, you need to think about the fact that not everything is good for them. So, if you don’t want to spend the night watching them as they are dealing with digestion issues, it’s a good idea to keep some basic rules in mind. Definitely avoid spices, they may irritate the stomach and intestines of your pets and they could have troubles because of it.


You also need to prepare the Christmas food depending on your pet’s ability to adjust to diet changes. If those cause trouble, it’s better not to combine anything and stick to the classic menu. If you know it can handle some changes, you may change it a little more and watch its reaction.


Fish for dogs

If you stick to a more conservative recipe for dinner and opt for normal dry food or a can, you can make it special with some fish oil, for example. Another way is to add fish to the menu but it definitely shouldn’t be fried. You can stew a piece of a carp or a fillet and you will see that your dog will love it. However, always remember that the dinner cannot have any spices in it, not even basic salt and pepper. Also, pay attention to bones – the piece for your dog needs to be without even the tiniest bones. Even those could cause big problems for your furry friend.


A dessert

If you want to give your dog a dessert, opt for one of its favourite treats. Dried meat or liver biscuits are perfect. You can make those by mixing chicken livers, oatmeal, eggs and marjoram. Bake the mix in an oven and here you go!


Fish bits for cats

Similar rules apply to the menu for cats. If you want to make them a part of your Christmas celebrations, you can treat them with some wish. Again, don’t use any spices, avoid frying and debone the pieces of fish as thoroughly as possible. If you want to include side dish, don’t give your cats potato salad. You can use some vegetables but no potatoes! Cats cannot eat potatoes.

Christmas dinner is a perfect moment for cuddling your pet. And you can also treat your cat with a treat at the end. You can pick some pockets or dried meat. However, don’t forget that the rule for “everything in moderation” applies to our pets, too. So avoid too many snacks and treats. They could cause more harm than joy. In the end, the most important task at Christmas is to spend time with our love ones and no food can compare to that.

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