Dog fur: How to take care of it and what are the tips for shedding?

A dog’s coat is one of its greatest characteristics that requires great care. It does not matter whether your canine companion is a short-haired or long-haired dog. Attention is required by all of them. How to take care of dog fur and what to do during shedding periods?

Dog fur is not just eye candy

A dog’s coat is very important. It serves as a barrier against harmful environmental influences, cold, heat, water and captures dust. In addition, it is also an indicator of the dog’s health. All ailments and problems taking place in the dog’s body may manifest themselves on the appearance and condition of the coat.


Brushing is a must

The cornerstone of dog fur care is brushing. This process is necessary for all dogs and helps remove all dirt such as mud or trapped twigs from the walk. The coat itself is cleaned, and dead parts of the skin are removed. Regular combing and brushing may also help detect ticks, for example. By sticking to this ritual, we may prevent further problems.


A pleasant ritual

How often you should brush your pet’s coat depends on whether it is a long-haired or short-haired dog. For long-haired dogs, of course, care will be more demanding and will require a greater amount of time. However, brushing can be turned into a ritual that you and your pet will grow to enjoy in time.


Proper bathing products

The next step in the care of your dog’s coat is selecting the right bathing product. You should always use shampoos and conditioners designed solely for animals. Such products will include the right vitamins and minerals to sufficiently nourish your dog’s fur.


Balanced diet as a path to a shiny coat

Proper diet is also an important element. If your dog has a balanced diet full of all the necessary nutrients, it will certainly show on the quality of his fur. On the other hand, matted fur and excessively flaky skin may be a sign that your dog’s diet is not right. In such a case, you may focus on supplementing the right vitamins and proteins. At the same time, you should avoid dog food that includes large amounts of added raw materials and colorants, and give your pet food consisting of fish and supporting a healthy and shiny coat.


Shedding can be accelerated

Shedding is a wide topic. It is this change of fur, usually coming in spring and autumn, that is particularly more challenging in long-haired dogs. This process cannot be prevented, but it can be accelerated, meaning that you will spend less time trying to clean up the space your dog occupies. However, keep in mind that this physiological process is important for the dog’s health.


The steps to accelerate shedding are not difficult. A balanced diet, once again, plays a major role, and adding, for example, salmon oil is recommended. Salmon oil also has good effects on digestion. During the shedding period, it is recommended to bathe and brush your dog more often to accelerate the exchange of hair and skin. You can also complement your dog’s diet with vitamins and minerals that will support proper functioning of his organism.

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