Interactive toys for dogs

It is a well-known fact that every dog likes to play. However, not all dog owners use the option of interactive toys. These toys, in addition to being fun and an outlet for energy, also offer the possibility of development. They have a positive effect on mental abilities and stimulate the dog’s natural instincts. Furthermore, interactive toys may relieve dogs of the anxiety they may feel in some cases. But, how to choose the right interactive toy and what are the best ones on the market?

Basic selection rules

As already mentioned, interactive toys offer a great way of developing your dog’s mental abilities, while entertaining him and teaching him something new. Some of the toys may also involve food, teaching the dog to eat slower. If you decide to buy your dog an interactive toy, you should remember some basic rules:


1. Make sure that the toys you buy are safe and of high quality.

2. Interactive toys should be highly durable. The dog will chew on most of them, so they should be made of appropriate materials.

3. If you decide to buy a toy in which food can be put, remember that its main purpose is to teach the dog to eat more slowly and in smaller quantities. Such toys are therefore suitable for dogs that tend to devour their food and eat large amounts of food at once.


Treat toys

The most popular toys are those that hide food or treats in them. These may, for example, include balls with holes with treats. The dog then has to find a way of getting into the holes and get the treat. Another popular variant are puzzles with different buttons, holes and more, where the dog has to navigate himself through them. This type of toy has a very positive effect on the development of the dog’s motor skills and mental abilities.


Development of the senses

If you want to develop your dog intensively, you can choose toys that will act on its senses. These are objects that make different sounds or colors and stimulate the reception of such stimuli. There are also toys on the market that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. So, if you know you are going to stay at work a bit longer, you can entertain your dog at home this way.


Toys do not substitute personal contact

Interactive toys are great tools, especially in that they help with the dog’s development, keeping him alert, warding off boredom and helping when you are not around. On the other hand, they cannot transmit your touch and love and do not substitute regular activities outdoors. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that these tools cannot be relied on in all cases. Even if the dog had the largest number of toys at his disposal, he would still be most eager for contact with his owner, for a long walk, playing and cuddling topped off by a treat.

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