Tips and recommendations: Preventing tick bites

Pet owners know that summer doesn't only bring warmth, sunshine and late sunsets. It's also the time of ticks, who know how to torment our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, it's very difficult, or even almost impossible, to prevent our pet from being bitten by ticks. The number of bites can be eliminated to some extent and there are several ways to do it.

Everyone can choose what suits them the best

There are several ways to fight ticks and other parasites that make life uncomfortable for us as well as for our animals. Each one has its pros and cons, each one can be used in specific situations and it also depends on what each animal prefers. It is important to know that there are two options for fighting parasites. They can be either repelled or killed. Some products, however, can do both.



This is a very popular option, mainly because it is so simple to use. All it takes is to put it around the animal's neck and, providing you have purchased a good-quality product, a certain level of protection is guaranteed for several months. The other advantage is its very fast effect, as the collar starts working as early as 48 hours after the application. It is important to make sure that the collar is firmly attached, allowing the active ingredients to be better absorbed into the body. On the other hand, it is these substances that can cause allergic reactions not only in animals but also in humans. You need to be careful, especially if you have sensitive skin, and avoid developing a rash or other discomfort.



This way of applying an anti-tick substance is one of the simplest. The other advantage is their affordability and a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction. On the other hand, the animal is protected for a shorter period of time and during the tick season, it needs to be reapplied more often. The pipettes also become less effective after bathing, when compared to the above-mentioned collar.



An absolute classic in the fight against ticks, used by us humans as well. Its main advantage is a simple application: you simply spray it on the animal and that's it. However, it is effective for a relatively short time, especially when compared to the above-mentioned methods. After spraying, the protection lasts for about a week and is shortened even more by bathing. You should also make sure that your pet doesn't have sensitive skin and doesn't suffer from allergies.



Another option are tablets with their simple application thanks to being flavoured because dogs see them as treats. You should consult their use with your vet, in order to ensure their correct dosage.



Unfortunately, non of the mentioned methods can guarantee your pet complete protection from ticks and other parasites. Remember this especially when taking your dog for a walk in the woods or to a meadow with long grass and therefore a higher concentration of ticks. Check your pet immediately after returning from your walk and remove any uninvited guests with tweezers, a special tick hook or a comb. Disinfect the wound and wash your hands thoroughly.

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