International Homeless Animal Day in August

Recent estimates indicate that every third dog in the world is homeless. Some estimates go even further and state that it's half of all dogs. It is a relatively high number but the situation varies in different continents. This is one of the reasons for the International Homeless Animal Day, which falls on every third weekend in August. It attracts attention to this worldwide problem and encourages pet owners to protect their furry friends. 

Home is where the heart is. According to the latest estimates, this doesn't apply to one third to half of all dogs. When you travel around Asia, it looks so natural - a stray dog in the street not belonging to anyone and the locals don't care. In Europe, it's not so common. Here, we associate stray dogs with homeless people. It is, however, important to realize that all dogs in the world need to feel safe and belong to someone.

That's one of the aims of the International Homeless Animal Day, which saw the light of day for the first time in 1992 in the United States. Currently, there are dog shelters, animal welfare associations and animal rights activists from all over the world involved in this initiative.

The International Homeless Animal Day is important enlightenment that seeks to change legislation in order to ensure that adequate penalties are imposed for animal cruelty and for the running of puppy mills. It also points out that it is necessary to provide a sufficient number of shelters for all stray and lost dogs. In the Czech Republic, this is under the wing of the Salvation Army and other associations.

They focus especially on dogs living together with homeless people who haven't got the financial means to provide the dogs with food, veterinary care and the necessary vaccinations. Despite all this, the dogs show their love for their owners and they're very often their best friends. Help is organized through various associations or the aforementioned Salvation Army.

Those who have a dog at home can, as a preventative measure, check that their dog's chip is registered and that the dog's vaccinations are all up to date. Everyone feels better when they're safe and cared for properly. 

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