Are you starting to travel with your dog? Thirteen things you shouldn't forget about

This summer, same as last year, favoured domestic travels thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while for holidays abroad pet owners arranged dog sitting, here in Czech they learnt to take them along. This group of dog owners was targeted by manufacturers and sellers of various gadgets not only for travelling. 

GPS dog trackers are one of them

Whether you have a chronic runaway or a loyal furry friend who wouldn't take a step away from home, a GPS tracker can be useful in all cases, especially when travelling. It's the same as with skiing or cycling helmets. Until you start using them and get used to them, you realize how useful they are and that you can't be without one. Not once have GPS trackers helped find a lost dog much faster. And may we add: also before dark when searching becomes more demanding. Even though they're not a complete novelty, they've become much more sophisticated. GPSs have therefore recently become a boom among dog owners.

This gadget, which can tell you where that scoundrel of yours has legged it to, will cost you around CZK 1,500. For this amount, you can purchase a device that's waterproof - highly practical especially with dogs who leap into any puddle - and one that stays charged for up to seven days, which, for our generation addicted to mobile phones, is almost enviable, but it's also a relief because there is no need to take yet another cable for our journey. On average, good-quality GPS trackers update themselves every two seconds. On top of that, almost all of them are now able to send a notification about your four-legged friend crossing the border of the permitted perimeter.

What else is this tiny smart device, which can be attached to your dog's collar, capable of? Same as smart watches for humans, also GPS trackers are very versatile. You can use them to monitor the level of fitness and activity and set optimal daily goals for your pet. It can be very handy if you're planning to combine a trip with a sports activity for your dog or if it's going to be your dog's first physical load. It is much easier to plan things thanks to the data collected from this device.

Are you planning your first trip or are you not sure what to take in the backpack with you? Below you can find a list of thirteen things that can be useful when travelling with your dog. If your dog is of a larger breed, he can carry his things himself. There are backpacks for dogs, which can be simply fastened to the dog's harness.

1. Collapsible water bowl
2. Travel bottle
3. Dry food and treats
4. Dog first aid kit
5. Dog backpack
6. Safety vest, reflective collar or essentials to make your dog visible in the dark
7. Car accessories - special harness belt, bed with straps for behind headrests and/or travel crate, blanket, window bars
8. Foldable bed and foldable cooling mat
9. Wet wipes for paws, fast-drying towel
10. Poop bags
11. Favourite toy
12. Collar with name and telephone number, lead, muzzle, tick collar
13. GPS tracker

Have a safe journey!

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