3 tips on how to prepare an outdoor cat for winter

Christmas is round the corner, together with the traditional cold winter and snow. A big change for our pets. Even cats that spend most of their time outside are going to feel it. How to prepare them for this challenging season?

The temperatures are slowly dropping below freezing and we are adding layer upon layer of clothing. Our outdoor pets fight winter in a similar way but instead of warm clothes, they gain thicker fur and slightly more weight. Outdoor cats are therefore relatively well prepared for winter. But that does not mean that you cannot help them get through it in peace and comfort. What can you do?

Quality and healthy food

Quality and healthy food is the foundation. It helps the cat build a strong immune system as well as natural fat reserves, which will nicely protect her from the cold. It is therefore worth investing in good-quality cans and pouches with high meat content. Good-quality dry food is also an option. It is possible that your cat will eat more during this time than what she is used to. Do not be alarmed, it is related to the need for extra subcutaneous fat. Let her have bigger portions. Remember that the food should be left in a sheltered place rather than somewhere windy. It would make your pet's life very uncomfortable.

Place for resting

It is important for all cats to have a place where they can hide from the snow and wind and where they can relax. Cats sleep much more in winter. Build them the perfect shelter. A protected box filled with old clothes will serve the purpose. However, in case of severe frost, prepare at least temporary sleeping and toilet arrangements inside your house - ideally in the entrance hall. Do not forget to install a cat flap to allow the cat to get inside the house. This will provide your cat with a welcome shelter from the intrusive winter.

Observe their behaviour  

Especially owners of kittens and older cats should be more alert before the winter season starts as the body of their pets is slower to adapt. It is important to take good care of them and make sure that they are not suffering from any problems. If in doubt, do not hesitate to transfer the cat indoors. The same applies to mature and healthy cats, of course. You know them best and only you can tell whether they are enjoying the winter or whether they feel like their days have been numbered. 

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