Treats and toys for gnawing teeth

If you've already bought Christmas presents for your loved ones, it's time to prepare a surprise for your pet rodents. Here are a few tips to make their eyes sparkle with joy. Treats are an old classic that will please pet rodents of all kinds. Other alternatives can be nest alterations or toys, which could save your Christmas presents from unwelcome attention.

Nest update
You need to consider what type of rodent you have at home. Rats will definitely appreciate new functional accessories in their nest. There can never be enough hammocks, in which rats like to relax or use them as a nest. Other owners of small gnawing teeth might love new climbing frames, tunnels or dens, in which they can hide. You'll get extra points from your hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits for a tunnel or a den made out of dried grass or even wood. Basically, if the new cage interior accessory can be eaten, it will be a double joy.

Every animal will be happy to find a toy under the Christmas tree. This is doubly true for rodents whose gnawing teeth go through toys much faster. Anything made from sisal or wood will be the perfect choice for festive nibbling. Whether it's a kiwi stick, a sisal carrot or a dried grass knot, they are all an excellent Christmas investment. Mineral stones are also great to grind teeth with. There's a new product on the market that will help small rodents let some steam out - exercise or rather running cork discs. They're not as loud as classic running wheels and serve the same purpose. Guinea pigs or rabbits will be over the moon from getting a ball with a jingle bell inside or a toy that can be stuffed with some treats. 

For small rodents such as hamsters or gerbils, the most suitable treats are pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables but not too many. You should always watch how much they eat and make sure they get plenty of exercises. Rabbits, guinea pigs and larger rodents have more options. You can treat them with various sticks or stuffed parcels. There is also a choice of those containing prebiotics, which promote healthy intestinal microflora. Last but not least we should mention wooden sticks for nibbling made from pine or fir. The question is whether it's still a treat or a toy. 

It doesn't matter what present you give to your gnawing companion. What's important is remembering them and sharing the Christmas atmosphere together. Even such a small nosey creature needs to feel love and warmth, and Christmas is the best time to remember them.


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