Useful tips for presents for dogs

Christmas is a time for families to gather and spend time together, which will be enjoyed by both the two-legged and four-legged members. Because it wouldn't be the same without presents, we bring you a few original tips. Dogs will definitely appreciate something to eat. Also, practical presents are quite common. A new lead or a winter jacket will brighten up the pet's face as well as yours and the rest of the family members. When it comes to toys, there are new interactive puzzles for dogs available which will motivate you to spend more time together. 

Puzzles for dogs
These toys are designed to stimulate your furry friend mentally. Every dog owner knows, that other than a full bowl of food, their dog also needs a good walk. However, we often forget that our pet companion also needs to train his brain. 

The puzzles promote the animal's logical thinking and develop his cognitive functions. This sometimes makes the animal more tired than fetching or running in the woods for two hours. I'm sure you'll agree. How do you feel when your brain runs at full speed all day? You look forward to relaxing. And it's the same with dogs. If you direct him towards discovering new activities, such as practicing combining skills, memory and concentration, and give him enough praise for his work, he'll be content and happy to have a rest in his bed. 

The puzzles work on the basis of a reward in the form of a treat after finishing a task, so they combine the pleasant with the useful. There are specific treats on the market which are usually smaller and are designed to keep focus and motivate during training. It's recommended to choose a specific type of puzzle with regard to your pet's current training program. These toys can help enhance the sense of smell or improve fine motor skills. Don't expect to be able to relax with these toys. Quite the contrary. Interactive puzzles will help you spend meaningful time with your best friend, strengthen your relationship and mutual cooperation. 

A tasty treat under the Christmas tree is the most common present for dogs. But how to choose the best one? Nowadays you can choose from so many types that it's quite a job to know what's what. It's worth being aware of some basics, so your present doesn't do more harm than good. 

We've mentioned training treats, which are smaller and contain less fat. Then there are the so-called functional treats which can be seen as food supplements. They contain ingredients that deal with a specific issue, such as the coat, recovery, immunity or teeth. If you have an older dog, his condition will definitely appreciate something like this. 

Dried meat or internal organs can also make a brilliant Christmas treat. You won't find a dog who wouldn't like the smell of this delicacy. However, do not give dogs the conventional dried meat that we like to enjoy. The ingredients are different and this sort of treat could harm the animal. 

The ideal Christmas surprise for dogs could also be dental treats, which keep their teeth healthy and clean. Always check the ingredients in the treats. Stay away from those that contain cereals and sugar, and of course everything that we try to avoid in our own food, therefore synthetic colours, preservatives and additives.

Whether you treat your beloved dog with something small or a more expensive present, add a lot of scratching, cuddling and plenty of time together. Christmas is a time when we make our loved ones feel part of the family and the same applies to dogs.

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