How to make a cat happy at Christmas

Cats are the guardians of our fireplace so let's reward them at Christmas with our undivided attention and love but also with a present. The first choice might be something tasty. This will definitely not offend any cat companion. Then there are practical presents and toys. We have a few tips for both a playful kitten as well as a fan of the family sofa.

There are many items on the market that appeal to kittens. Various mice, teasers with feathers or a combination of shiny and rustling materials. Other toys are more sophisticated tunnels and towers, promoting the hunting instinct, but most of them can be quite simply made at home. If you've acquired a small cat, use whatever you can find in your wardrobe and improvise. Even your furry pet is able to appreciate a handmade present. You'll be surprised how much joy you can create with a piece of cardboard, a feather, some leftover shiny fabric or rustling paper tied to a string or stick.

All cats will appreciate quality food. You will definitely not go wrong by choosing some treats in the form of pouches, sticks or a pâté. The furry balls also love dried meat, whether it's chicken, duck or fish-based. What you should look out for, especially in cat food, is the amount of salt. The most common weak point in cats are their kidneys and quality food without added micro-ingredients and preservatives can prevent these problems. If you want to treat your cat at Christmas with tins and dry food which you can use throughout the year, check the meat content and the product quality in relation to the age and condition of your cat.

Water, water, water
What is very important for cats, and we often forget about it, is clean flowing water. If you want to treat your cat to a more expensive present and haven't yet got a water fountain at home, than it's the ideal tip for you. Ensuring that your cat drinks plenty of fresh water can be difficult. Water fountains take care of it brilliantly and the inquisitive cats can have lots of fun drinking from them. You can choose one to suit your interior or to reflect your financial situation. Otherwise, water can be offered from several bowls that are placed around your household, so your pet companion has always one available, the water should be regularly changed and the bowls washed.

Practical classics
If you live with your cat in a flat, you might consider whether your furry friend doesn't need something practical that would make daily care easier. Nowadays, there are many decent cat essentials available, such as a litter box, a carrier or a bed with a design that suits the style of your home. With such presents you can kill two birds with one stone as they please not only the animal but also the owner and they will serve everyone for a long time.

Whether you decide to buy the Christmas surprise or make it yourself, do not forget to treat yourselves to a mutual present - cuddle time. This will be appreciated by our pets the most anyway.

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