Smart cat toilets save time and monitor your pet's health

For pet owners, smart toilets are a welcome replacement for the traditional litter box, which has to be cleaned every day. You can even control them via a mobile phone application and monitor the frequency of the toilet usage, especially when your cat is suffering from a health issue. What are the pros and cons of this smart new design?

We all know what a typical cat litter box looks like. According to some user reviews, it seems, that the plastic box or just a box is soon to cease to exist. Technology is continuously evolving and even the world of pets is full of new designs. The innovative self-cleaning toilets for our four-legged cat friends would appeal to almost every owner of these elegant creatures after the first testing. Smart cat toilets won't be appreciated only by the owners but mainly by the cats themselves, as they're known for their cleanliness. 

What can a smart toilet do?
In the first place, it saves time. The basic ones use a rotating mechanism that turns the litter over and sifts it into a tray. Other types have automatic rakes which switch on as soon as the cat leaves the toilet. The toilet can also alert you to refill the litter or to empty the tray. The faeces need to be removed from the tray every 2 to 3 weeks. However, the tray is designed not to give off any smell. Different brands use different types of litter, which you should be aware of before your purchase. Some even have a litter storage box and refill themselves. Isn't that great?

Be sure to choose a model that has an in-built safety device. It recognises that the animal is inside, which prevents injuries that could occur in case of the start of the cleaning process. Another important feature is the recognition of a cat movement inside the toilet in the middle of the cleaning process. The toilet stops the process and goes into a standby mode. Read the manual carefully before first use to ensure that the litter box is set up to satisfy your as well as the cat's needs - and mainly to ensure safety! 

The toilet can be set for cleaning once a day or more regularly. You can turn it on manually by pressing a button, or the more expensive designs have an intelligent motion sensor that sets off the cleaning process every time the cat leaves the toilet. In the evening, most of them go into a sleeping mode to prevent waking you up from your blissful sleep. The manufacturers try to think of everything - some toilets even have an in-built blue night light to stop you from kicking it on your way to rummage in the fridge or to visit the human toilet.

The more expensive types of self-cleaning toilets even have their own mobile phone application, which makes it easier to set the long-term cleaning. You can even receive an alert every time your cat uses the toilet. This can be useful in case the cat is ill, e.g. kidneys, or to monitor her overall excretion.  

It all sounds great, doesn't it? However, there are some 'buts'
Smart cat toilets have their negative aspects as well. First, it's their relatively high purchase price. They start at ‎€300 and the ones that can be controlled via a mobile phone go up to ‎€1000. There is also a minimum and maximum weight of the cat for the device to work. It ranges from 2.5 kg to 10 kg. However, if you have a small cat at home, don't worry - for these cases, there is the good old manual button mechanism. Larger cat breeds, such as Maine Coon or Savonian cats, have a bigger problem and have to wait for their own toilet for a bit longer. Another disadvantage is the larger size of the smart toilet, which might not be ideal for smaller houses. Also, the length of the power cable, which is usually around 2 m, requires for the toilet to be placed near a socket. 

There are several brands available on the international market. In the Czech Republic, smart toilets are still on the rise, therefore the choice isn't great yet. If you're after one of these smart devices for your animal-shared household, you'll have to reach deep into your pocket for now. Let's see what the upcoming years and further technological progress bring.

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