Dog in bed

We can divide dog owners into two groups. The ones that allow the dog in bed and those that feel that this is no option. Let’s take a look at what such bed sharing with a dog actually entails.

I personally took my first fuzzy friend to bed immediately on the first night, after I’d brought this little ball of fur  home. Who would withstand looking into her begging eyes and listening to that heart-breaking cry :).

Altogether, I am happy with this decision, I sleep well and peacefully. I like the feeling when this little bundle warms my back or when she nestles at the bend of my legs. It’s true, that when another dog arrived in the family, everything got a little bit complicated. Since when you’re overlain by two almost twenty-kilogram dogs, you can’t move the whole night, you’re losing the duvet, your bag hurts and you wake quite worn-out. Sometimes, you won’t avoid waking up with a dog butt in front of your face or you’re woken by an unpleasant kick. Even your partner life can get quite complicated. But when I’m alone at home over night and my buddies snug up to me, they get under the duvet or are just lying next to me, I am immediately overcome by calmness and at ease and I fall asleep much easier.

However, to keep it balanced, I’ve decided for a change. Dogs are not allowed in bed whenever they want – meaning every night and actually for most of the day – but only upon invitation. It is a fact that unteach them to go to bed is much more complicated than to teach them to get in. The command “up” was enough and that was that. Fortunately for me, they had enough understanding. At first, it was enough to close them outside of the bedroom for the night and now they manage even without the door closed.

In any case, sleeping  in a bed together with your pet has irrefutable advantages, since a dog releases tension, decreases levels of stress and on the whole, it contributes to greater ease in humans. It also provides us with a sense of security, which helps us to sleep more peacefully. Besides, joint sleeping strongly affects the strengthening of mutual relations. When you look at puppies, they usually sleep in one bundle, you’ll often see even a pack of adult dogs this way. If your dog belongs among the timid ones, sleeping in bed can help it to become more composed and self-assured.

However, we shouldn’t leave them complete freedom. Some dogs, mainly the dominant ones, may assert the role of a leader by sleeping in bed and taking the best place. Therefore, if your dog nestles somewhere where you don’t like it, whether it’s in bed or anywhere else, you should drive them out uncompromisingly. Thereby I mean always and consistently, by a command or alternatively by pushing them. Since if the dog is supposed to trust you, it is necessary for them to feel that you’re fair and that you abide by your own rules.

For my part then, dog does belong in bed. However, not always and no to the detriment of my own comfort. It has its pros and cons and everyone has to decide for themselves, what prevails in them or find the right and suitable boundary.

What about your fuzzy friends, are they occupying your bed, or are they uncompromisingly banished to their own beds?

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