What to give your pets for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it's time to buy the last gifts and start wrapping them. Have you forgotten about your four-legged friends in the hustle and bustle? If you have, there's still time to fix it. If you don't want to have to think about it, here are a few gift tips that will surely make your pets happy.

Every year I have a cat and dog Advent calendar at home. I don't buy whole calendars, I simply buy a few bags of high-quality treats and I give my pets a few of them every day. I also never forget to put a gift under the tree for them. Our dog is now an experienced gift wrap tearer, and he enjoys unwrapping presents as much as we do.

What did I buy my pets this year and what was I looking at? I bought my cat of few classics that never get old and that she managed to destroy over the year. These include mice (her favorite are those with feather tails), fishing rods (again, her favorite are with feathers) and a laser pointer, which entertains both the cat and dog. In addition to mice, our cat also loves a bird with real feathers that makes a realistic sound when moving. If you have a true hunter at home, this toy will do the trick.

"Smart toys" are also a great choice, keeping your cat occupied when you're gone. They also have a higher purchase price, so Christmas may be the right time to buy them. These include various automatic lasers or a field with a hiding mouse.

If you don't have a ball track yet, now is the time to buy it! Even the laziest cat will have a good time with it. If you join it in a circle, your cat can simply lie in the middle, push the ball with her paw, and then give it a little push every time it passes by. It will even keep the most active kittens entertained, who will persistently watch the ball.

The cat will certainly be pleased with a puzzle from which they can receive treats, a bubble blower with catnip or a cat kicker, which will be most appreciated by cat fighters. And, let's be honest, the thing they enjoy the most will be the boxes and ribbons from unwrapped gifts.

Christmas can be a great opportunity to replenish balls and other toys for playing catch that your dog lost or chewed up over the year. He will also be excited about an automatic ball thrower if you have a garden or at least a long corridor. 

Dental toys are also a great choice. They have a structured surface that massages the dog's gums and cleans its teeth. You can make water lovers happy with floating toys. Puzzles and treat mazes or various interactive toys are great for stimulating the brain and keeping them occupied. Today there are so many on the market that everyone can choose according to their taste and budget. 

What gifts did you give your pets this year? Is there a must-have gift that you give your pets every year?

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