Portraits of popular breeds at home and throughout the world: Affenpinscher (Monkey Terrier)

This small cute dog can be found in Vincent van Gogh paintings. It got its name because of its face that resembles a monkey. They are tenacious and energetic companions that will fearlessly protect you from every danger.

Like little terriers, the Affenpinscher was bred to hunt rats. The breed originated in Germany and is the most widespread there today. However, it is also largely popular in the US. In our country they are only provided by the breeding club "Klub pinčů České Republiky" (Czech Pinscher Club). 

The Affenpinscher is a small compact dog with a light body, weighing only 4-6 kg in its adult life. Its coat is coarse, long and slightly wavy. It doesn't have an undercoat, so its shedding isn't so drastic. It only comes in black and black with different colored hairs mixed in. The coat of Affenpinschers does not need to be brushed or cut, but it is often necessary to brush and trim it twice a year. Its long beard gets easily dirty and tangled, so it is necessary to clean and comb it, otherwise bacteria could quickly start spreading. 

These pinschers are wonderful companions. They are loyal and devoted and have a cheerful and friendly nature. They are distrustful of strangers, but never aggressive. Their small size doesn't prevent them from protecting their family and its property. They also tend to alert people to anything suspicious by barking. Their small body is also filled with energy. 

One problem may be their jealousy, as they find it hard to become accustomed to new animals. It’s best if they get to know them as a puppy. However, given its history as a hunter, this may not be true for small rodents. They get along with children quite well, although they are not entirely suitable for young children, as they don't take everything sitting down. The Affenpinscher is very sociable, and it should spend as much time with its family as possible. This is also why it is not appropriate to keep it outdoors all year round, although the main reason for this is its small size. 

These dogs have a slightly temperamental nature, so they need timely and proper socialization to learn to respond properly to all situations. This is the only way to make them balanced companions. Otherwise, they are intelligent docile dogs, making their training quite simple, although it requires consistency. 

Although they are energetic creatures, they don't need too much exercise. All they need is two walks a day or a run in the garden. This is a healthy breed that is not prone to any illnesses. 

Do you have any experience with the Affenpinscher? It's not that widespread in our country, but you can see them on the street here and there, and I’m sure you would notice them.

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