Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: California Spangled

This cat breed cannot be easily mistaken for another. It has significant spots (a tabby type) and a peculiar slung and smooth style of walking. When you look at it, you will immediately associate it with a leopard.

Even though the appearance of this cat may lead you to the assumption that its close ancestors are wild cats, it’s not true. It is a breed specifically bred by American Paul Casey using only domesticated cats. Selective breeding had a clear goal from the beginning – to come up with a breed as similar to leopard as possible but with the nature of a domesticated

To achieve the desired outcome, Casey worked with many domestic and purebred cats from various continents in the programme. For example, there were Abyssinian cats, Manx cats and Siamese or Persian long-haired cats. Thanks to the proper selection of animals with the desired body structure, good style of walking and the intended hair pattern, California Spangled emerged after some time.

The breed was introduced in 1986 and due to an inappropriate form of presentation (too commercial), some breeders were displeased by it. Up to the present day, there is only a narrow group of breeders of California Spangled and these cats are nowhere outside the United States.

But they are active, intelligent cats which love to play and also like to run and climb. They are sociable creatures which get on well with other cats and also with dogs. They can be great companions for children thanks to their playfulness and tirelessness.

California Spangled is a cat of medium size with flexible and muscular body. Even though its legs are long, they seem to be short due to its unusual, sneaky style of walking. Its short hair clings to the body and it has a spotty, contrasting pattern that doesn’t need much care.

What a shame that a cat with such an interesting appearance and hassle-free nature is not more popular even though it would definitely deserve it. In the beginning, California Spangled kittens were offered in Christmas catalogues, it even included a gift packaging and bows, and it’s a pity that such a bad marketing approach was chosen to sell them.

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