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Under the name of dogtrekking, imagine an orientation walk with the dog. Official rules rank it among extreme dog endurance sports.

History of search and rescue dogs

The use of dogs in search and rescue (the so-called SAR) is an integral part of natural disasters, mass accidents or, for example, when search for missing people. Do you know, when the first dog rescuers appeared?

How to travel safely with a dog in the car

Vacation time is finally here and many of us are planning where they will be headed this year. If you decide to go for an adventure by car and to take your dog friend with you as well, a bit of advice might come in handy on how to provide safety for...

Treibball - When the Dog Herds a Balloon

This is really what this sport is about – herding balloons. The aim is the same as for herding sheep, get all the balls into the gate. And do not be mistaken, treiball is not only for herding dogs. You can do this sport with dogs of any race, size and...