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Dog swimming rules

How to have a relaxing and safe swim with your dog? Just follow some simple rules and enjoy a relaxing day by the water.

“Dog beaches" in Croatia

Are you going on vacation to Croatia and don't want to leave your partner at home? Take him with you! I'll tell you which beaches to visit so you can all enjoy the sea.

Dogs on water

Outside temperatures suggest that the boater season is just behind the corner. Many people take their family and children on a water adventure. Some boaters even take their four-legged friends along. What can you do to make sure your trip goes...

Traveling with a guinea pig

Although traveling is fun, it can also be stressful. We have to make sure we don't forget anything and that everything goes according to plan. But what if you decide to travel with your little friend, a guinea pig? Let's take a look at what you...

Yoga with a dog, or doga in other words

Doing yoga with a dog, or doga in other words (the combination of “dog” and “yoga”), has become popular in the United States of America, but it has not become so popular in the Czech Republic yet. What is it about and what benefits does this sport have...

Camping with a dog: pros and cons

If you go camping for the first time, it is good to prepare for all various reactions of your furry friend. Do you travel with it by car and by public transport with no problems? Is your dog okay when not sleeping at home, e.g. in a mountain cabin? It...