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Feline Spring Fever

It is a well-known fact that cats love bright and warm spots, they like to relax on warm windowsills. Therefore, even though they are famous sleepyheads, they get new energy with the spring coming, they are more active, more sociable and more joyful....

AIDS of Cats Called FIV

FIV is a feared viral infectious disease of cats. It causes a slow disruption of immune systems, similarly to human virus called HIV. What is the cause and the progress of this malicious disease and what does its terminal stage look like?...

Why Do We Still Underestimate Hydration in Dogs

Only a few per cent of loss of water may cause serious problems for your dog. However, we often don’t pay attention to its drinking and underestimate its importance. When there is a risk of dehydration, do you know how to avoid it or recognize it?

How to properly feed a puppy?

These portions seem so small, shouldn’t I give my dog more? And should the dry food be dipped or not? And how many times a day should I feed my dog? And should I supplement the food by something? When should we switch to adult dog food? This is only a...

Three Crucial Trends in Dog Nutrition

What are the newest trends in dog nutrition? And what is the opinion of experts and dog owners themselves? I have made a summary for you about what hot topics have been discussed in pet nutrition recently, both at home and abroad.

Get in shape in the new year with your dog

If one of your New Year resolutions was to lose some weight you gained during Christmas and get fit, your dog companion may help you with that. Also, dog obesity is one of the issues vets have to deal with the most in recent years. What to do for a...